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The Mallow Blaster™

The Mallow Blaster™ is the ONLY interactive marshmallow shooter game of any kind in the world today. The game was created in response to the hundreds of events that Matt the Balloon Guy entertains at every year; young children always have fun, but what is there for older kids and adults to get excited about beyond a bounce house or other 'kiddy' carnival games?
The Mallow Blaster™ shoots marshmallows over 150 feet making it powerful enough to get the adults giggling like kids and it is safe enough for children of all ages to fire as the ammo are simply light weight, fluffy marshmallows!
The Mallow Blaster™ is available for any and all events and can be set up outdoors or inside a gym or hallway. Participants dual in a head-to-head blasting competition at large customizable swinging targets - imagine shooting mallows at a Michigan football player or a picture of your CEO's head! The Mallow Blaster™ can typically handle hundreds of competitors an hour making it an excellent choice for larger events.
Safety is always a concern with flying projectiles [marshmallows] and the Mallow Blaster™ has many built-in safety features that make sure the mallows fly fast and safe.
First, the Mallow Blaster™ is always monitored by a trained staff member that helps the kids and ensures proper safety precautions are followed. The staff member has ready access to a quick shut-off button that instantly and completely disables the Mallow Blaster™ system.
Next, the Blasters are mounted on rotating turrets with built-in directional stops. These stops enable the Blasters to be fired only at the targets, not at bystanders. The Blasters are always fired from a stationary position at targets, NEVER at people.
Finally, the entire range is roped off with caution tape to ensure that no one is able to wander in front of flying mallows.
Contact us about having the Mallow Blaster™ at your next event!

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